My Hair Journey

I will tell you the story of how I came to be curly haired.

No, it was not magic.


Well, that was me 4 years ago. Straight, relaxed hair. It looked good right? That was the problem, it only “looked” good. 12 years ago my hair looked even better. Lots of volume, shine, healthy and still straight.

I guess that us curly haired women, at least once in our lives, considered having straight hair.  When I was a kid I did, because I thought it was so pretty and I would be able to manage my own hair. See, I have always had A LOT of hair. And I really mean a lot. I could not do anything to it by myself, so my mom had to do everything for me. It was either my mom or the hair saloon and I have always hated that place.

My mom would always make sure I had braids that would last a very long time or a hairdo that would last a week. Doing my hair everyday was not an option. It was just too tiring.

I guess that by 2000 mom was too tired of handling my hair and I kept whining about my wish to have it straight so she had it straightened. Boy was I happy. I was over the moon. But little did I know…

12 years later I regretted that decision. My hair was breaking and falling and big chunks, I was too scared of combing it because the comb just came back with lots of hair in it from root to end. It was just bad. I decided to do treatments, something I should have been doing from the beginning. I guess that it was too late for the treatments or maybe I just wanted my healthy natural hair back that bad that a few months after I started treating it and seeing no results (or so I thought), I cut it.


As you can see, it wasn’t thaaat bad. Was it? I certainly thought so. So I cried that day. I thought looked so ugly. Maybe the fact that I had never had short hair before made me think that it just wasn’t for me. But I was made to believe the cut looked nice. I relaxed it one last time to experience the haircut a bit and I have not relaxed it ever since.

I have come a long way since I cut my hair 3 years ago. I have looked weird, funny, cute, ugly, like a boy… all sorts of things. But let me tell you, it was all worth it.


This is my hair now.

This little spot I created is to share with you all the things I do so my hair looks, feels and stays healthy for I do not want to experience what I experienced again. Also because I found that I really love taking care of it. I found a passion for it.

Just to  get this straight, I am not against relaxed, straightened or any other type of hair. Even though my hair is natural now, there have been times that I straightened it just to change it up a bit. All I want is to share my experiences, homemade hair treatments, secrets, tips, etc.

I hope I get to help some of you ladies and men.