Why Aloe Vera for Your Hair

Hey hey!

So tonight we will be talking about the benefits of aloe vera. Now this plant can be used in many ways, like your hair, oral consumption, skin, burns, etc. But right now we will be talking about hair. Awesome! I knooow…

So straight to the benefits.

  • Cleans 
  • Hidrates 
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Maintains your hair’s and your scalp’s pH
  • Dandruff and excessive oil production
  • Has certain enzymes that help adding volume to your hair

It can treat dandruff which targets the scalp by preventing excessive oil production.

Aloe vera has Vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and B13 and 20 minerals besides the 18 amino acids and other beneficial substances that aid with your hair’s health, treating the strands profoundly and leaving them stronger and hydrated.


Maybe you are now interested in using it right? I sure hope so. And maybe your next question would be how to use it or how to prepare it.


It’s quite easy.

  1. Wash your hands. This is to make sure the gel does not get contaminated.
  2. Grab hold of the healthy leaves, which would found closest to the ground and let the yellow liquid drain off. This yellow liquid can cause irritation so should not be used. Wash off if necessary
  3. Cut off the sides with the thorns, this step is just to remove the thorns and make your task easier and less painful. Do not cut it too thick to prevent losing the gel inside.
  4. Peel the leaves. Use a vegetable peeler or a knife to cut the green portions. Just the green layer. Try peeling just one side.
  5. Grab hold of a spoon or fork. To scoop out the gel that you find once you peel one of the sides. Make sure to scoop out only the gel.
  6. Throw away the left over leaf.
  7. Place the gel in a blender in order to use it. It will look foamy once blender is switched of.

You now have your aloe vera gel ready.

For the hair treatment, you can use it as it is, like a gel. So you simply wash your hair with shampoo and apply the gel, which you leave on for 30 minutes. And finish off with your conditioner.

Another hair mask recipe should be mixing the aloe vera gel with a hair treatment mask. The quantity of the hair mask and the aloe vera depends on the length of your hair.

Let me know if you use aloe vera, if you would like to use it and want some more homemade hair masks, and of course if you have some to share.