My Top 10 Closet Must Haves

Being a woman and having that very special characteristic of being indecisive, chosing 10 items that you absolutely must have in your closet… Yeah, you got it! It’s HARD.

But these items jumped right out at me.

Leggings– I CANNOT live without these. They are comfortable, sexy, flexible… EVERYTHING! If I could wear them everywhere, believe me, I would. But I mean a good pair, stretchy, not see through, in every colour if possible.

Blazer – Everything looks good with a decent blazer, even leggings with a t-shirt and sneakers looks good with it. It’s just classy.

Dress – Black, white, green, blue, orange… doesn’t matter. You go with what suits you and what you like. But a dress is a dress. I personally looove those old fashioned, vintage dresses and mini dresses.


Lingerie – all women deserve to feel sexy, seductive and just FEMININE. I am not saying you should walk around only in your lingerie. You can do that at home if you want, no problem. But just walking out your house knowing that under your boring work clothes (maybe even stylish work clothes) or your day-to-day outfits is this sexy lioness… Why wouldn’t that make you feel good and boost up your confidence?

Black opaque tights – I’m sure you have heard that black makes you look slimmer or just makes everything else look better. Now these tights are good for winter, short dresses, shorts or skirts and classy looks. And maybe if you just want that punk look 😛

White shirt – Can you actually own anything but the perfect white shirt?

Pair of Jeans – The perfect pair of jeans! Jeans can make anyone look young and hip. Don’t you agree?

Flats – I know that no matter who you are, from model to a business owner, mother to 16 year-old daughter, you have got to have at least one pair of flats to just relax from those high heels. And if you are not a high heel typa person of course you gotta have those flats that are your favorites because you know you can wear them to fancy places or just wear them wherever you wanna go.

Pijamas – there comes a time where all you want to do is stay home, eat in bed, watch tv, no make, no fixing hair, no perfume, just do you and stay. This is the time where you don’t really need to wear anything fancy, you just go with your comfy pjs.

Pair of Black Heels – Well, this item speaks for itself. ANYTHING goes with black heels. That white shirt, with that blazer and those shorts with the black opaque thights … go really well with the black heels too 😉

What about your top 10 items?