A Curly Girl’s L.O.C Method

All curly, kinky, wavy haired girls should know about this method. The Liquid (or Leave-in) Oil Cream method (L.O.C method). 

You might have heard of it, but let’s just dig deep into it and learn a few things, right?

Basically the names of the products speak for themselves. It is a way to make sure our hair goes days without being remoisturised. And as we are welcoming winter here in Mozambique, it will be an extremely useful tip to keep our hair looking diva-worthy.

Our L.O.C method is special because of the steps we follow to make sure that moisture is locked. If for example you use oil and maybe a butter, which are wonderful sealants, create a layer along the hair strand that prevents water from evaporating, which in turn keeps your hair moisturized for longer periods of time.

Yes, yes, yes! It sounds wonderful. Now let’s do it!

It is quite easy, extremely easy actually. There is probably nothing new about the products to be used, you should own all of them already. We will just use them in a different way.

Step 1: Leave-in or Liquid (L)

These provide the moisture we need to seal in. It is recommended to apply a just plain water or a moisturizing, water-based, leave-in conditioner. Many find it easier to just apply water from a spray bottle.

Step 2: Oil (O)

The next step is to add a vegetable oil. Try not to apply just any oil but one that goes with the porosity of your hair.

Step 2: Cream (C)

The last step leaves us with the cream. For this you can use a butter-based product that is creamy and that moisturizes. The secret word being MOISTURE, always. The cream will of course provide our hair with the definition we love so much, so for this step, the cream is even more of a personal choice. We should choose a cream that works best with our hair. Some of us might feel a need to finish off with a gel or any other product and that is so okay. Just be careful as to not way down your hair.

Did you know about the method? Comment and let me know or if you decided to try the method, tell me how it goes.