My Top 10 Hair Products

This past week has been so hectic, with no time or Internet access, my posts have been cut to almost nothing. But I used that time to think of future posts.

Today’s post is about my favourite hair products at the moment. I get quite a few people asking me about what products I use, but that’s a post for another day, because they are many and we can’t have so much information in one post right?

Now, I tend to try out lots of products and see which ones suit my hair better. The list bellow talks about, hair cream, co-wash, treatments, basically a mix of products that I really like.

Here we go…

Salon Line – Hidra 


Hair cream that leaves my hair hydrated as the name states, soft and loose. It’s my go to. I tend to buy 2/3 and stock them up in order to always have back up if finished. I really love this product.

Cantu Shea Butter – Hydrating Cream Conditioner


I have used quite a lot of different brand conditioners, but this one so far tops them all. It leaves my hair moisturised, strong and with a healthy and natural shine. It is sulfate, parabens, silicones and mineral oils free. It is safe for all hair types, even coloured hair.

Eco Styler – Olive Oil


I have not been disappointed with Eco Gel yet. I have used the Curl and Wave (pink) and Olive oil (green). I prefer the Olive Oil gel, you can notice the difference in the gel right from the texture It has this thick rich texture that kind of reminds me of a mix of hair cream and gel. It does not leave your hair dry at all and it has awesome holding effects for curly hair.

As I am – Leave In Conditioner


This is a product I purchased only recently, and by recently I mean a month ago and I already love it. It has a moisturising, softening and loose effect to my hair and it’s perfect for the L.O.C method.

Cantu Shea Butter – Complete Conditioning Co Wash


Just like that conditioner, this is heaven too. Since I do not shampoo my hair, this co wash is just perfect. For those wondering it does remove the excess products and any dirt accumulated in my hair. Best part is that it does not dry out my hair, it does what shampoos do and even better. It is sulfate, parabens, silicones and mineral oils free. It is safe for all hair types, even coloured hair.

Coconut Oil

Coconuts and coconut oil on wooden table, on nature background

I do not have to mention all the good things coconut oil does to you in general once more. Just click on the link and find out why it is on my to 10 hair products.

Skala – Maionese Capilar Nutritiva


This bad boy right here does you good in all sorts of ways. It’s cheap, it hydrates, nourishes, co washes, provides oils and proteins, detangles and strengthens, for all hair types … I mean what else do you need?

Salon Line – Amigo de Milho


This mix should be used to add on to your hydrating mask, it basically replaces your corn starch. It saves you the time needed to prepare the corn starch and has the exact same wonderful effect. Leaves your hair super hydrated and defined.

Castor Oil


Castor oil is great for anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial purposes. It promotes hair growth, treats scalp infections, prevents premature graying and conditions your hair really well. It is pretty great for your hair in all ways.

Flax seed/Linseed Gel


It is also a product I have only started to use recently, but one of the best products I have ever used on my hair. And it is completely natural. Click on the link and learn how to make it and all its benefits.

I have not numbered my list for one reason, they are all great and they have their differences and functions.

Did I mention any of your favorites? Are there any products you have not tried and that are on the list? What would you recommend?