20th Century Women Movie Review

I can safely say Dorothea is an interesting character and most of all single mother. Jamie, her son has it going on for him. He is going through those teenage phases where they try and find each other. But of course most mothers become lost and wonder what would be the right move at this stage.

Jamie is constantly surrounded by the women that “live” at his house. And those are the women that try and “fix” him. His determined mother asks Abbie, the free spirit red haired and Julie the wannabe rebel, to watch over him and guide him, since they are closest to him. Little does Dorothea know that Jamie just wants her to be there for him.

20th Century Women starts of in 1950 in Santa Barbara and moves on from there. A funny drama motion picture that has you wondering what kind of family would do such things. And at the same time captures your attention with such interesting and out of the box ideas.

A different way to engange into the different lives of very different characters.