Tips: Silky Dreams

Our curly hair is so special and so fragile that even when going to bed, it needs special treatment. But they are quite easy to manage. All you need is a silk cap or a silk pillowcase.

So why silk?

Silk does not absorb the oil that your scalp produces and the oil that you have provided for your hair. It allows your hair to keep moist and with a healthy glow.

Having your hair rubbing on a normal cotton pillowcase will create frizz and dryness to your hair.

The moment I changed my pillowcases and bought a silk cap, I immediately noticed a difference to my hair. When I woke up the next day, my hair looked just as good as it did the day before.

To maintain my curls and not have to reapply all my products the next day, all I do is get a hair tie and tie my curls at the top of my hair. Just like a pineapple. It is actually called pineapple since the do looks like one.

So give your silk a try, it might just change your mornings. Did you know silk was such a life saver?

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