The Good Hair Wash Routine Volume II

By this stage a lot of you are thinking, do I really have to do all this to make my hair look better?


I’m not here to tell you what to do. It’s more like, I want to show you or let you know of the possibilities you have to make it look and feel better/healthier. It’s all a matter of choice and priorities.

How Important Is Your Hair?


For most women, hair is a big thing. I mean, it’s this permanent accessory that just makes you look better. Others just opt to shave it all off and not bother with the hustle.

Men are more practical I guess. A good haircut does the trick. Or just shave it off and not suffer with one more practicality. But you do find the special ones that do take care of their hair.


Believe it or not, I have been asked many times how is it that I wash my hair. In the beginning, I was surprised. Surely it’s simple, right? But later on I understood that the way I washed it made all the difference as well.

My normal wash routine back in the days would have included: shampooing my hair twice to make sure the dirt is completely off and add as much shampoo as possible to get all the hair (which is a lot). This resulted in dry and brittle hair. I never understood why though, until I did some research and found out that I was exaggerating on my shampooing and applying it wrong, too.

That sulfate, parabens and salt that is found in our shampoos are a big NO. That’s what makes it dry. So try to buy shampoos that do not have such. Or just opt for washing your hair with a co-wash. I can hear your thoughts already. Co-wash?? Conditioner Only wash. I think that makes it a bit better right?

Co-Wash (Conditioner Only Wash)

It means exactly as the name suggests. Skipping your shampoo and using a conditioner. But it’s not just any conditioner. It is a conditioner that actually does clean, so it leaves your hair smoother, softer and easier to manage. I personally co-wash because 1. It benefits my curly hair, helping prevent the dryness. 2. I tend to wash it 3 times a week, shampooing it 3 times a week would be damaging.

Best way to Shampoo

Now, if you shampoo, the best way to apply it to your hair in order to do the essential, is quite simple. Apply a general amount to your hand that will depend on the length and thickness of your hair. The shampoo itself will only be rubbed on your scalp.

It’s not just how much shampoo you use, but where you apply it that counts.

The foam that the shampoo created may be used on the extention of your hair if you think it is too dirty or with a lot of product. For that little extragratification, massage your scalp in a circular motion to encourage blood circulation and detoxify the scalp. To rinse off, try and avoid hot water, for it will only add on to the dryness and will tangle your hair.

Okay, that was easy. So what about the conditioning?

The Conditioner

Try and invest in a good quality conditioner because it is quite important. And of course, it all depends on what your hair likes best. Thick curly hair normally loves deep conditioning, when you apply your conditioner to your hair, cover it with a cap and apply heat for a set time.

Or you can just apply your conditioner to your hair strands, avoiding the scalp (this normally makes your hair greasy faster).

Easy right? I think so.

Do you wash your hair in a different way but that works too?

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