Faira, What Treatment Do You Do?

I’ve decided to explain this in a more general way since I get this question thrown at me quite a lot.

Natural hair is now “the new trend” if you might like it. Girls are now interested in finding their natural selves. Good for us!! I can only support this trend.

Since this is such a new thing, we are still to learn how to go around it and learn how to best take care of our hair.

For this we have methods, practices, treatments, etc.

So when I’m asked, what treatment do I use to make my hair look the way it does… It gets hard to answer correctly because there are so many treatments I normally do. I mean my instagram and my snapchat followers know more than anyone the different types of treatments I put on my head.

We have so many different options, countless treatments. And these treatments are categorised by the types/what they do, which are; moisturising treatments, nourishing treatments and repairing treatments. They all have their specific tasks and to have a healthy hair routine, all three treatments should be done a number of times during the month. These treatments have different recipes that I even posted a few here on the blog. You can always have a look at them. If not, just hit me up and I will be more than happy to provide you with some homemade treatments.

Your treatments or your hair masks are key to healthy, shiny, soft hair and defined, bouncy curls. You just cannot ignore them and hope your hair looks the best. It is extremely important that you do them at least twice a month.

So my friends, this is a short but sweet, straight to the point post. Please do your treatments/masks for they are very important and there are COUNTLESS types of masks believe me. Your hair will decide and let you know which ones it likes best by the way it reacts to them.

If your hair likes it, it will look incredible.


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