Hair Routine: Nourishing

On one of my older posts I spoke about moisture, moisturising, hydrating and why it is important and I gave you a few recipes.

Moisturising is one of the three important most important hair routine treatments needed to maintain that good hair. Today I will introduce you to the second most important treatment. Nourishment.

Personally, my hair loves hydrating and nourishing masks. It makes it look the way it does today.


Now let’s go on and talk about nourishing masks. You know that high porosity hair¬†with excess frizz and too much volume? That’s the hair that needs nourishing the most. Nourishing it will reduce the frizz and replace the nutrients (oils) that easily leave the hair strands. It will bring back that definition and shine to your hair and leaves it more silky and with the right stuff to make your curls weigh just enough.

How do I know if the mask will nourish my hair?

When looking at ingredients in the masks, try to look for the following:

  • Extra virgin and vegetable Oils – like virgin coconut oil, avocado oil, macadamia, argan, grape seed, olive, carrot, etc
  • Butters – shea, mango, avocado, cocoa

Do you notice how what makes part of this routine is high in nutrients? The oil that is extracted or the butter that is applied will be of great benefit to our hair. This is a routine you do not want to miss.

Let’s look at this nice easy-to-do recipe that you might want to try and even like.

  • A spoon of coconut milk


  • 2 spoons of nourishing mask


  • 1 spoon of olive oil


First, these measurements differ with the length of your hair. Do enough to cover your hair.

Mix all your ingredients in a bowl into a paste. Wash your hair with shampoo, then apply your mask and leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse of the mask and finish of with the conditioner. If you want to practice a good wash hair routine, click here.

Have you done any nourishing masks lately? Will this be your first time?

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