The Lake House (2006): Movie Review

It is an old movie I know, but trust me girls, it’s worth watching. I have watched it twice or thrice myself.

Meet Kate and Alex…

Dr. Kate is a sweetheart who dedicates her life to saving people and when she was not doing that, she was spending time with Jackie, her dog at the lake house. In 2006 she moved out of the house but as she did, she left a letter for the next tenant. If any mail meant for her was delivered at the lake house, the new tenant should try and have them sent to her new address.

Her letters seem to be going back in time to the tenant before her, Alex. Who is the owner of the lake house and an architect. The lake house was built by Alex’s father for Alex’s mother, until his father moved out and he moved in.

Alex and Kate start the exchange of letters in different times, Alex was 2 years behind. A beautiful love story that seems like it will never work out. I mean, different years? How can they ever meet? What if something happens before they can meet?

Travel back and forth in time with these two love birds and experience a love story that will leave you tiery eyed and hoping that it will all turn out for the best.