How I Finalize my Hair: My Hair Routine


Okay sure, Faira. You have washed, treated and conditioned. Now what?

All you need to do now is to finalize it. Finalize is a term used by curly haired maiddens, for the process where you apply the leave in, or hair cream or butter, or gel. Basically whatever product you use to activate your curls, leaving  them with a luxurious look.

It’s normal to have more than one routine. The different routines affect your hair’s final look. My favorite routine at the moment is basically the L.O.C method. Except that at the end I use gel instead of cream.

So let’s start from the top. After washing my hair, I cover it up with a cotton shirt to have all that excess water soaked up. Applying your products whilst your hair is still wet might add on to the shrinkage.


When my hair is still a bit humid and not dripping wet, I must admit, is when I most enjoy it. It feels so fluffy, light, bouncy. I am still to figure out a way to leave it that way and not have it looking frizzy after it dries.


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What do I do after I remove that shirt?

  1. I take 3 scrunchies and separate my hair into 4 sections. This helps me apply and pay more attention to the curls.
  2. I start applying my products on the following order: Leave-in, Oil and Gel. Always raking with my fingers to get rid of all the knots and to define my curls. I work on each section separately and careful making sure they are completely covered.IMG_0241
  3. I sometimes use the rake and shake method to loosen my curls, so that they do not stick to one another. Grab the ends of your divided sections and shake until you feel they have separated to the point where you are happy.

That is basically it. As you can see below, my hair does shrink, but the shrinkage gets better as the days go buy. I don’t like the way it looks after it dries because it shrinks a lot. but the following day, is bomb for me. It looks great.


What does your hair routine look like?

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