Product Review: Cantu Co-Wash

We natural beauties have lots of options when it comes to hair products and hair routines, we just got to dig a little deeper.

I have already spoken briefly about co-washing and why would you care about such a method. But let me refresh your mind just a little.

Co-Wash allows you to skip your dry shampoo routine and giving you better option. Well, this is my personal opinion. There are others who prefer or are used to using the shampoo for they feel their hair is cleaner.

Conditioner Wash as the name suggests, cleans and conditions your hair at the same time. So at the end of the first cleanse your hair does not feel spiky, frizzy or dry and brittle.

I personally use this method and I would recommend to women who wash their hair more than once a week.

Cantu Co-Wash


Let me just start by saying that so far, all Cantu products I have used, have made me a very happy woman. This Co-Wash is no exception.

It is exactly as the bottle says, creamy, cleansing and it smells oh so good. It reamoves all that product build up and smells amazing. My dad approved, said it smells like fruits and it really does.

It cleaned my hair and left it soft, my fingers could go through and releave the knots easily even before I applied the conditioner.

Cantu products are a bit pricy, but they are so worth it. And just a little of the product goes a long way- The same can be said about the co-wash. I applied only a little to my scalp and along my hair strands and it was enough to leave it clean, and moisturised.

For girls you follow the no poo regime, this co-wash is a great choice. Also for girls who would rather avoid minerals, parabens, sulfates, paraffins and all that bad stuff, this is the way.

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