Leave-In Conditioner? What for?

So besides using conditioner, I’m supposed to leave it on my hair?

Not in that sense, no.

We have the shampoo, the conditioner and the leave-in conditioner. Three different products with different responsibilities.

Until recently, I did not realize the power a leave-in conditioner has on my hair. It just changes the look and feel completely. Trust me on this one! Until recently I had noticed how my hair had been looking dry and frizzy compared to the way it looked when I was living in Spain. I thought back on what I used to do back then and realized that I have been missing a step. I used a leave-in conditioner and not just any hair cream detangler. I went back to using a leave-in and have been noticing improvements already.

How do I know I need it?

If after washing and conditioning your hair, it still needs to be detangled, moisturized and the frizz is still there, it’s a sign. You need a leave-in conditioner. And not just any leave-in.

Which one is best for my hair?

It’s quite imperative to choose the best leave-in conditioner for your hair type. For soft, manageable and beautiful strands try a good leave-in that helps detangle strands, reduce and tame the frizz as well as keep the curls soft and smooth, get a good leave-in that goes with your hair type. Some might be too heavy which cause the curls to be weighed down or looking greasy.

But wait, What Exactly is a Leave-In Conditioner?

Leave-in conditioners is less dense than your typical conditioner, they are applied after the shower to help detangle, fight off the frizz and add more moisture to help with that healthy looking vibe.

Okay, okay. So give me a few examples of so called leave-in conditioners.

A few leave-in conditioners that I have tried and had the good fortune to say that they worked miracles on my hair are:

As I Am Leave-In Conditioner
My Curls Novex Leave-In Conditioner
Manteiga Reconstrutora Novex can also work as a Leave-In Conditioner
Nutrire Novex Leave-In Conditioner

My favorite one so far is the My Curls Novex Leave-In Conditioner.

Did you know about the miracles of a great leave-in? Which one/s do you use?

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