The Golden Day After Routine

Such fancy names right?

Day after…

It is as it as it says, the routine you follow on the day after your wash day. I have probably mentioned before that washing your hair every day is a big NO NO. It just leaves your strands weak from constantly removing oils and proteins, so let’s not do it.

“But Faira, my hair! When I wake up the next day, the curls are all flat, dry and with no life whatsoever!”

If that is the case, use a satin pillow case or a satin scarf to prevent the oil or moisture from being absorbed by the cotton pillow case.


And before you lie down tie your hair up at the top of your head into a pineapple.

Yes, yes, we do call it a pineapple. This protective hairstyle prevents the curls from getting squished, flat or undone. The next morning, all you have to do is remove the hair tie and the strands should fall into place. If the hair feels a bit dry:

  • Take your sprayer (If you do not have it, buy it. It’s a must for natural curly haired women.) fill 1/3 or three fingers of it with water
  • One long squirt of your hair cream in there



  • And a teaspoon of oil (olive oil for example) and mix it all up.


Spray big to small chunks of hair with the mix. The care you take with the hair depends on how much attention it needs. If it just needs a little lift to give it a bit more life, spray a few times into your hair to help it bounce. If it is really dry, divide chunk by chunk and apply carefully, whilst raking with your fingers to revive the curls. Your hair does not have to be completely soaked in water, just damp enough to restructure.

“Us short haired girls cannot tie our hair yet, Faira. What do we do?”

Short haired babes have it easy. The tips are practically the same. Use either a satin pillow case or a satin scarf to sleep in. In the morning, take your sprayer and apply the mix into your hair by spraying it enough to revive your curls and have them all fluffy and cute.

Girls, it’s this easy. You do not have to get under the shower every day in order to have your hair poppin’. Your spray bottle is life, you cannot do without one. Second, get that pillow case or that scarf, you will immediately notice the difference.

I have been using this routine since I can remember and it has helped me save so much time when I get ready for work, an event or even just for the day. It is also a method that can be used any time of the day.

If during the day you look at your hair and notice that its looking dry and frizzy, spray some of this miracle mix. Or maybe you have an event at night and want your gorgeous hair turning heads? Do not get under that shower and start from scratch, go for the sprayer. Take your strands little by little and apply the mix, rake through with your fingers and your curls will look brand new!

What does your day after routine look like?

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