Lipstick or Liquid Lipstick?

I’m a woman who likes simple. To me, simple goes a long way.

But details? That’s everything.

I’m the type of person who would wear, a white top, white jeans and white sneakers. But my lipstick would be a nice lilac or red or orange and my nails a bright pink or light blue. So yes, details are quite important for me.

I can honestly say I’m obsessed with lipstick and nail polish. Funny thing is, my mother did not allow me to wear either until I was old enough, which to her was 14/16 years old if I’m not mistaken. She used to tell me, “Vanity is not good for little girls”. She was right, but I think it was in my blood that whole time. Brooding and waiting to be let out.

My first encounter with lipstick was unsatisfactory, I hated the texture, the feel, the smell, everything. I thought I looked like a witch. Sadly I do not remember the colour I tried out. So I put aside lipstick and went for lip gloss, lip balms and nail polish. I went nowhere without them.

That is until I met Ruby Woo.

For those who do not know Ruby Woo…M.A.C’s finest and quite famous red lipstick. For someone who did not like lipstick, that was a very bold way to go, agree? It was all kinds of wrong with what I liked. Dry, bright, very RED, hard to apply for a beginner. But I loved the tone on me. I felt very feminine. I wore it all the time, everywhere, found all excuses, clothes that matched. It was bad, but love at first sight.

My love for M.A.C grew from there. I went from Ruby Woo, to Cyber, Heroine, Morange, Crème de la Femme, Diva, Rebel, All Fired Up… I could go on.


And then I saw it. This dark purplish tone.


I’m pretty sure the photo was this one. Yes, at that time I was oblivious to the fact that the photo could be photoshoped but I saw somewhere that Rihanna was wearing Transylvania. I had to have this Transylvania. I’m pretty sure my quest for Ruby Woo started the same way. With a Rihanna photo. You got it, I love her style.


But then again. It might have been a different lipstick, for as you know she did a collaboration with M.A.C.

I later found out with a bit of a Google research, that Transylvania was from NYX.

800897829995_softmattelipcream_transylvania_main.jpgAnd I saw that the tone was very much like the one Rihanna had on the photo, so I tought, it really has to be this one. But the thing was, I had never tried on liquid lipstick. Boy was I in for a big surprise. It made my life sooo much easier. It’s perfect! Application made easy with lots of pigmentation.

I started purchasing more and more NYX and liquid lipstick. And then the war between which one to wear started.

If you ask me today, which one I would prefer, I would say without hesitation. Liquid lipstick. But, my M.A.Cs will forever be awesome to me. And as time goes, I find other brands both lipstick and liquid that are really good and I’m still purchasing more. I am a goner!

It all depends, but to me, if you are talking about matte lipstick, liquid lipstick is better to apply or reapply. Lipstick normally does not leave your lips so dry, even if they are matte, whilst liquid lipstick have that tendency. Liquid lipstick sometimes or most can higher pigmentation than normal lipstick.

So as you see, it’s a win win on both situations for me. I love both, one more than the other sometimes. But they both are great to me.

Which one do you prefer?

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