5 Things (I Would Like) To Do This Weekend

The Weekend is here!!!

Friday is pretty sacred to me. I usually spend it lying stomach up on the couch watching tv. You will probably see me watching cooking channels and shows like Chopped, Guy’s Grocery Games and Master Chef. Or just random nice movies playing on tv. If none are on, I grab my laptop and look for a movie to watch.

These past weekends have been quite hectic for me. I have not been able to have sometime for myself in so long. I’m not sure when I will have some quality time with myself but I would like to get a few things done. With this weather, there is so much I can do that does not involve beach and tanning (even though I’m not a tanning type of person).


1. Go hair product shopping


I usually try to buy a new product to experiment once every month. I’m just curious that way. Also because my hair uses up a lot of product, so by end of month, something is usually finished. Or I might just be a product junkie.

Latest Update: Have been able to go shopping and I could not be happier with my purchases. All new products that I have not used before and will be doing a product review soon. Because I ran home and tried them on straight away. I can already say that just the smell made me a happy camper.



2. Go to a new restaurant

I’ve been meaning to try out this new restaurant called Volare. It’s an Italian restaurant located here in Maputo, facing the Embassy of the Netherlands.

I have heard that the pizza there is really good. And I love pizza. Well, I love food, so getting to try out different places with different ways of cooking, different flavours… A dream. So I am on the hunt for those pizzas. Or maybe some other dish when I get there.


Check out their Facebook Page: Volare Maputo

And their Instagram: Volare Maputo


3. Watch a new movie


Movies and books complete me. They tell me such wonderful and interesting stories. I haven’t gotten the time to watch a nice movie in almost two weeks now. And that’s a lot for someone that would watch movies everyday. Any suggestions?


4. Go somewhere quiet

I’m a fan of places where you can just sit, look around, hear birds, watch people go about their business, or maybe read a book, or maybe just contemplate on things. Those are times I get to relax and take my time to get in touch with my inner self, with my views, my priorities, my ideas, goals, dreams… Everything.


5. Read a book

This is probably my favourite thing to do in the whole world. Books!

They hold such great things in them. Information, ideas, beliefs, hope, stories, imagination, truth. The list goes on and on. I travel along with the stories I read. When was the last time you read a book?

The book I will start reading is Homecoming by Yaa Gyasi.