Chokers: The (Back in Business) Fashion Statement

Are you an accessories type of person? Then this is the post for you.

I'm sure you have seen these bad boys before. They are all over town rockin' chics necks like it's nobody's business. Have you tried them before?

Did you know, chokers have been famous since the 90s? Yes, the style back then was quite colourful and simpler, but they were there.

As you may know, fashion styles come and go. This was no exception. Even though I still saw the simple black chokers being sold at the streets and kids wearing them, they were called tattoo chokers. They had evaporated for a while.

choker tattoo.jpg


Soon the rain fell and brought down the chokers with it. They have been so in, that everyone is wearing them. Before it was more of a punk look, now everyone wants a choker. They come in all shapes and sizes. Colours and materials too. You can find them at extremely affordable prices, it all depends where you are buying from.

It is a personal favorite accessory of mine, which if I could, I would wear everywhere. They add such attention to your neck, giving it a slick, slender look. Overall just a different feel to your attire.

Here are some ways in which you can wear the chokers.

Casual Look

choker casual

This is a favorite to many women. Simple, cute and sassy. I recently purchased one just like this one and I have to say that it's very flexible. You can have it look the way you prefrer.



choker classy 1

choker classy 2choker classy

You can actually wear these to your date tonight with your boyfriend or even your girlfriends and still look elegant, classy and sexy.


Cocktail/Evening Wear

There you were thinking chokers only come in black velvet material, right? Think again. They are also made with stones, in gold and silver too. The great think is that they are now made for all sorts of styles and tastes.

And even men are wearing them now…

choker men

Here are some looks I have made with my chokers.



Where to get them in Mozambique:

I have actually only purchased one of my chokers from a seller here in Mozambique. But I am pretty sure there are lots more and with their own prices. I know of two places where you can buy them.

Tika Bijus 

Here you will find unique and handmade accessories, not just chokers. They are all different, stylish and cute. So get yourself some handmade jewelry from Mozambique. I have not purchased anything from Tika Bijus, but I am planning on it. There is just something about contributing to local talent and this girl has a lot of talent up her sleeve.

Instagram: @tikabijus

Sol Nascente Moçambique

It started off as a beach articles store and then grew into a store where you could find almost anything, from clothes to shoes and accessories. This is where I purchased my choker from.

Instagram: @solnascentemz