How To: Grow Hair Faster With Castor Oil

Castor Oil!

castor oil

Have I mentioned before that Castor Oil is a beauty? It is one of my favourite oils, even though it is a bit challenging to apply, it is one that I always have amongst my hair products.

Let’s just look at a few of the benefits Castor oil brings to us.

  • increasing circulation
  • preventing the growth of viruses, bacteria, yeasts and moulds
  • fighting skin disorders and infections
  • helping to kill ringworm, keratosis, skin inflammation, abrasions and fungal infections
  • healing acne
  • helping hair grow
  • reducing itching and swelling on the skin
  • fighting toenail fungus
  • easing constipation
  • hydrating chapped lips
  • reducing painful sunburns
  • helping with pregnancy and inducing labour

Does it not sound more appealing to you?

Castor oil in its natural state is a bit heavy and hard to apply, it feels almost concentrated. The recommended way to apply castor oil is heating it up for a few seconds, in the microwave if you must, for it to become runnier. Before applying, let it cool down, you do not want to fry your hair strands or scalp.

Hair Growth Technique

This technique is quite easy to do and apply. All you need is castor oil!


Take seven (7) days of your month to do this. Just seven days. During one whole week you will be applying castor oil to you scalp.

Let’s follow the steps bellow:

  1. You may apply the oil to dirty, clean, dry or humid hair.
  2. Take 100% vegetable castor oil, you may mix other oils into it
  3. Before applying, heat it lightly. Just a few seconds, up to 30 seconds if you must.
  4. Let oil cool down
  5. With your head down or bent down (you could lie on the sofa to feel more comforable)
  6. Dip your fingers in the oil/oil mix and massage your scalp with them in that same position for 4/5 minutes
  7. If you would like, you can apply the oil on your hair sitting upright and then bend your head down to massage it. Just be very careful when sitting back up.
  8. Leave the oil on your hair for approximately 3 hours (like you are applying an humectation mask)
  9. Wash your hair, meaning you will have to wash your hair everyday during 7 days. It is worth it though
  10. Do same steps for 7 days and take a one month break.

There is a need for the one month break, it is very important so that your body does not get used to the oil. It will stop having any beneficial effects on you if it does.

This technique can be done on any hair type and it will work the same way.

The acceleration of hair growth happens in this technique because when you bend your head forward or it is upside down, your body stimulates blood circulation on those spots where you apply the massage and oil. This way, the hair folicles are stimulated.

The massage is a bonus for it stimulates hair growth, so massage with the tips of your fingers in a circular motion. Besides stimulating growth, your nutrients will be absorbed easily.

If you are not a castor oil fan, or your hair does not readily agree with the oil, try with another vegetable oil like coconut oil or olive oil, or maybe even a mix of different oils.

Had you heard of such a technique?

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