Hot or Cold Water to Wash My Hair?

Hello gorgeous!

From the look you are giving your screen right now… I’m guessing you’re thinking, “water temperature matters when it comes to washing my hair?!”

It actually does!

Let’s look at the reasons why.

Hot Water

  • Causes frizz
  • Removes product build up, dirt and even the necessary oil your hair produces naturally
  • Your hair colour fades faster
  • Makes hair dry and brittle

Cold Water

  • Moisture is sealed in your hair
  • Hair looks bouncy and flat
  • Makes hair shinier
  • Smooths hair

Quite straight forward right?

For people like me, who wash their hair when in the shower and hate cold water, wash it with warm water first. At the end, step out of the shower and give it a last rinse with cold water to give it that shine, decrease frizz, seal in moisture and get all those benefits of the cold water.

Did you know how good cold water is for your hair?

I’m allergic to cold water, but my hair loves it.

Try it and let me know the difference it makes.