My Top 5 Lipstick Brands

When I was a little girl, my mom taught me a lot of things. She still does to this day.

One of the lessons she taught me was, “young girls should not be painting their nails or wearing make up, they are too young to be introduced to vanity”.

I had to respect her wishes, “I still lived under her roof” you know. Gotta abide by the rules. And my life was pretty much vanity free until I turned 16.

Let me tell you, it was the best, it was simple and it was natural. I guess that maybe because of that, I’m not a big make up fan. I wear it when I want to look different. To me that is what make up does, it makes you look different.

Once I got exposed to vanity, my life changed. I fell in love with lipsticks and nail polish. These are the most valuable items, items that take my outfits to another level.

So, today I talk to you about my favourite lipstick brands.

Kat Von D (Everlasting Liquid Lipstick)


The lipsticks are quite expensive, costing around $20, but the quality is worth it. It stays on for the whole day. Another plus are all those different colours you don’t usually find for lipsticks. Colours that have the perfect shade and that work with all skin tones.

kat von d swatches


This is one of my all time favourite brands. Affordable with great quality and colours to satisfy everyone’s needs. You got options like lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, glosses, metallic liquid lipsticks, butter glosses and the list goes on.

nyx suedenyx soft mattenyx lingerie


colourpop liquid

Like nyx, it has great quality, great prices and great options. With the same price as nyx, at around $6-$7 for the liquid lipsticks. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing but, you can only buy colourpop products on their website.

colourpop stickie


mac lipsticks.jpg

I mean, this is like the all time favourite of many. Basically in every girl’s list or lipstick stack. Yes, it is expensive going at $20-$23 or something like that, we still want it. Quality is great and they last for so long.


This brand right here takes me back to when I first started wearing liquid lipstick, it was my first purchase. I remember enjoying the sell, the nice price, the way it kind of stained my lips and made it look so natural. When I want to go natural, Maybelline does not fail me. They go for $10-$11.

maybelline liquid.jpg

If you noticed, I did not number my list. I wear my lipsticks depending on my mood. Sometimes I just want to look natural, others I want to really stand out, or maybe just a simple gloss or hydrating balm. Do you feel that too?

What are your favourite brands?

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