Homegoing – Yaa Gyasi: Book Review

Here I am updating you on another excellent, beautifully written piece of literature. Not to mention that it makes me so happy that the writer and story is African.

Homegoing is written in such a way that it got me engaged from beginning to end. I literally had to fight with hmyself to put it down. I carried it to work and searched for free seconds to read a few lines of it.

HG Yaa Gyasi

The story is based in Ghana and taken to America. It speaks of two sisters who grew up at a time where slavery had just began in Ghana in the late eighteenth century. They got separeted by their mother in the middle of a firy night right after the birth of the eldest sister and before the  birth of the youngest. The sisters who never, met grew up in different tribes, Fante and Asante. The eldest sister, Effia, became the rich wife of a British official and slave trader. And the youngest, Esi, got the misfortune of getting captured, sent to Amera to become a slave helrself, for many years picking cotton until her death.

The story continues to unfold as the descendants of either Effia and or Esi get their stories told in a completely attention-grabbing-narrative way. The short stories are linked by a single pendant passed on from Maame, Esi and Effia’s mother to forever remember their lineage.

Most certainly a must ready!

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