Natural Hair Style for Night Out

So last Saturday I went on a double date with Big and some friends.

I had lots of time to prepare so I decided that I was going for something different. I needed to try out a different hair style either than the bun and just letting it loose.

I had seen this do on the Internet sometime ago and had been meaning to try it out but had never had gotten the chance. And last Saturday I went for it.


It is quite a simple do, but it took me some time to get the twisting part done. I was aiming for twists that would stick to my head, but they just were not working out. So I went for something simpler that took me only minutes to make whilst the twists were taking almost an hour with no such luck. So please find below my results.

I know, they look different, I did not want them to look exactly the same, I had to put my own zing into them right? It is a bun at the end of the day, but with a new feel and look to it. Also if you notice, her bun is much higher than mine. Mine is lower in order to get the lines I did to be noticed. Next time I will work for a higher bun.

And what did I use?

Just the usual;

  • Spray bottle with water, oil and hair cream in it



  • Additional hair cream to get the hair to collaborate and be more maleable


  • Hair gel of course


  • Hair brush, hair tie and hair pins


By the way, these are products that I own and I know that work well with my hair. You do not have to use the same to obtain the same results. Use your own gel and your own hair cream tto style as you wish.

Overall, I really liked the final product. It looked casual, great choice for the clothes combination. Will definitely be doing the hair style again.

What do you guys think? Worth trying?

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