I slightly remember how the day started…

I remember being in a rush (that’s how I usually am this last few months), it was raining and I had absolutely no clue or idea of what I was wearing, posing or  doing for this shoot. It would be my first indoor (studio) shoot.

I looked at the poses I had searched and came to the conclusion that nothing was going to work, I had no props. All I had was myself and two sunflowers.

Little did I know that the sunflowers would be more than enough (giggles).

Let me tell you, the beginning was a disaster! Mauro (the photographer and also the duck butt of a friend I got) kept telling me, “Bro, wassup with you today, your vibe isn’t right” and I kept showing him the middle finger (mom, if you are reading this, it was just this once).

Mauro, I could not be more proud of your work. Your skills have grown tremendously, you managed to capture the essence of what I was looking for even though I did not know I was looking for it. Emotions, Personality, Myself.

I will walk you through one by one and show you exactly what I mean.

Your Perspective

I remember exactly what was going through my head at that moment. “Do that pose you saw on one of the photos! Raise your head high and look serious.” I do a lot of this in photos, I read somewhere that when posing, always hold your head high, so people can see your face clearly. The trick works doesn’t it? You see me all serious, like I mean business all the time, no jokes here, what’s a laugh, smiling is for the weak.

This is just me minding my business.



Raised voices, heated arguments, hard punches, deep stabs, loud bangs, nuclear bombs… Even as I read the words in my head, their sound is quite unattractive. Can you believe human-kind made all that up??

Sprinkle a little bit of calm, of happiness, of peace, of love. It’s okay to smile at the lady that walked past you by the grocery store. It’s okay to greet the man who climbed the stairs past you, does not matter if you know him or not, does not matter if he is not your neighbor. I am one of those suckers who love to watch people smile for no reason, I will smile at you for no reason. I will try and make you laugh for no reason. As I sit and watch that happy couple hold hands and laugh, I feel warmth, love, hope and kindness.



Hiding, one of the things I do best. Hiding behind pretty things so you don’t notice what’s behind it. I hide so I don’t have to explain myself, because when there is something to explain I don’t seem to find the right words. Most of the times I don’t make sense, even though in my head it all makes sense. Smile and nod so you don’t get questioned.  The less you see me, or the less you know of me, the happier I am. I love my space, my personal bubble. Some would say I’m a loner, that may be so. But I really don’t care. I sit, watch, observe and learn everyday.


This is me. Bare. No hidding.

Thank you FMWS for an awesome discovery. If you guys would like to see more of their work please click here.

Thank you Jesse for the kickass make up. If you guys would like to see more of her work please click here.

Hope to work with you again soon.


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