Lineup Empire

I’m sure this post was long overdue. I mean, you guys have seen me walking around wearing and taking photos wearing hoodies, crop tops and sweaters with “Hustle” written on it, videos and photos of magic mugs, t-shirts and lots more. Want to find out where I get all this cool stuff from? Keep reading.

The Lineup Empire is made up of different companies that each offer specific services. I will be showing you some of the services they have to offer, because they are so many.

I found out about Lineup Clothing not so long ago and today, I do not go without the comfy and stylish hoodies. I wear them everywhere. They have great quality and most important of course, are warm. But I must say, I tried on the white sweater this weekend, it just might be my favourite piece. You can wear all pieces with anything, they all look great with heels, sneakers, shoes, flip flops, etc. Believe me, I have tried.


  • The stamped shirts with vinyl go for 750Mt
  • The stamped with velvet go for 900Mt.

I personally love the velvet feel of the letters. Which one do you prefer?

But if you would like something customised, contact Lineup (Made in You) at 258 84 372 4533

One of the items I also love the most, is my magic mug. Magic mugs can be purchased at Made in You for 650Mt and are customisable. This would be such a cute birthday, christmas present for that special person. Contact Made in You at +258 84 372 4533 to order yours too.



Are you working on customising your products for business, or maybe even your room? They do stickers too at MozStickers. Coincidentally they made available stickers for the oils I sell. The prices for the stickers all depend on their size. To order your stickers, please contact +258 84 476 8485. They offer free delivery in Maputo and world wide shipping!

Besides the items shown here, they sell many other items that can be customised such as:

  • Puzzles
  • Mugs
  • Hoodies
  • Shirts
  • Sweaters
  • Water bottles

They customise anything for a great price and all you have to do is give them 48 hours. If you are overwhelmed with it all and find that there is so much you want done, visit them at:

  • Crossing between Avelino Mondlane street and Mohamed Siad Bare
  • Building number 116, First floor flat 4
  • Close to Fashion World at Eduardo Mondlane


  • 84 372 4533
  • 84 476 8485

So, join the movement and order yours now!

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