How to Make Your Beard Grow Faster

Gents! This one is for you! Or maybe even the girlfriends and the wives, they could be reading too.

We have all noticed that beards are what’s popping right now, so I couldn’t just help the women and not share knowledge for the men as well. You guys are important too.

Do not worry, I will not recommend any avocado, or coconut milk masks to put on your beard. If you would like to try, be my guest, nothing bad will come of it. That’s an interesting thought, maybe Big will let me try one of the hair masks on his beard (I know you are reading Big, what do you say?).

Funny enough, the best way to have a nice long beard is to let it grow. Simple as that. Do not shave it every second week, or shave it to make it grow faster or if you think healthier. It will probably just get thicker. Beard hair is not the same as the hair on your head. If you shave all the time, it could lead just lead to slower growth.


Give yourself four to six weeks without triming or shaving and just watch and trust the process. The most you can do is maybe comb it so its not so out of place.



It will get itchy! All you can do is tolerate it. To minimize the itchiness, try washing your face daily with soap and water and using a moisturizer to reduce the dryness.


Make the process pleasant by motivating yourserlf with a desired look. Look up the way in which you would like your beard will look like after it reaches the desired length.


Has it reached your ideal length? Start trimming then. Choose that style you have been aiming for and go for it. Start trimming as it keeps growing. Find a trimmer that knows exacty how your trim should be done. It is better to leave a natural cheek line to avoid weird looking beards.

As you can see, growing a beard is not too difficult. It is normal to have those patches where the beard does not grow. Unfortunately it is quite hard, if not impossible to make the beard grow in those spots. The best way to deal with them is to let your beard grow long enough to cover the patches.


Have you been trying to grow your beard? Has it been working? Let me know.

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