Micellar Water For My Beauty Regimen

Let’s be foreign and chique for a few seconds, pronouce me-sell-air (eau micellaire) … Yes! Sounds french right? It’s because it is originally from France.

I did not know of its existance until two years ago as I was looking for natural ways to combat my acne problems. That method involved cleaning my face with micellar water after I wash it and then applying some vegetable oil that isn’t so heavy on your skin, such as Jojoba, Almond and Coconut oils. Of course, the oil part was pretty simple, but I mean, micellar water? What is that??

To tell you the truth, at the time, I wasn’t worried about what it was or what it did, I just knew that you could use it as a makeup remover and use it to help with the acne. I rushed to the nearest supermarket and bought one. At least I bought a brand I knew and trusted, Garnier.



Did you know that, even after you wash your face with water and soap, it still is not completely clean? I saw that myself with the micellar water.

My clean cotton pad. I washed my face with african black soap and will apply the micellar water with this pad.
My pad after I cleaned my face with the micellar water.

So what is micellar water? It is a water-type low-key potion free of soap, fragrance, alcohol, and other abrasive chemicals that can cause damage to your complexion daily. Micelles (molecules) are little round balls of oils, or lipids, so if you take that Micellar water and drop it in a cup water, you’ll see the little oil droplets form on top.

And why should I go for this funky water instead?

  • It removes makeup quiet nicely

The micelle molecules are fatty, and following the oil-attracts-oil principle, micellar water picks up the stubborn sebum and dissolves the dirt and long-wear makeup. You might just need to wipe a few times.

  • Can be used on all skin types and is extremely beneficial to dry and sensitive skin

It is mild, non-irritating and also suits the most sensitive skin.

  • Hydrates and nourishes skin

It leaves behind a surface coat of oil on the skin that makes you feel hydrated.

  • Helps clear skin and keep skin clear

The cleaning agents in micellar water naturally clear skin of substances based of wax and sebum which can cause breakouts. Since there is no rubbing involved, it does not cause itchiness or redness.

There’s no oily, tingly, or tightening effect to the whole process, just a fresh, clean feeling. Even though you can use micellar water daily, your best option is always to properly wash your face twice a day. But if you are looking for that extra hydration and moisture, micellar water is the way to go.

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