How to Maintain a Well-Kept Beard: Trimming

So your four/six weeks have gone by and your beard has grown significantly. (Do not know what I’m talking about? Go check out the how to make your beard grow faster  post!)

Fun fact: Your beard is not measured by its length, but by the months it has been growing.

As the four/six weeks are going by, the first two weeks will normally be the hardest because your skin will be itchy where the beard is trying to grow. If you feel that your skin is dry around the areas where your beard is growing, apply a very small amount of moisturizer, avoid moisturizers with alcohol for they dry out your skin.

As your beard grows, do not get too excited and leave the trimming behind. It is still important to leave your beard in check and maintain a groomed, stylish look and avoid the untidy. You all know the girls love a nice, trimmed and well-kept beard.

Be careful though, this is the time where most guys lose a lot of their already made sacrifice, they will trim too much and leave it short. If you need to look up to trim, then you will be trimming too much of your beard. Look straight ahead at the mirror and remove the excess only, try to draw a round curve from one end of your face to the other.

Before you go trim your beard, identify your face shape. This is quite important for you do not want your beard to sit akwardly on your face. After you identify your face shape, trim your beard in a way that will compliment your face better.


Most common ones would be:

  • Square Face: Keep hair fuller on the chin, shorter on the sides.
  • Round Face: Grow hair longer on the bottom, shorter on the sides
  • Oblong or Rectangular Face: Keep the sides fuller, and the bottom shorter.
  • Oval Face: Are a middle ground between the other shapes, so most styles will work well.


After choosing your beard shape, trim and stick to it. To avoid messy looking beards, trim the beard growing on your neck, upper cheeks and moustache lip unless you are going for the more natural look, then you should leave it as it is.

Go for scissors when trimming your beard, it will give you more control and allow you to cut onlyy what is necessary. All ways go with your natural line around your cheeks and remove the few that have gone past that line.

Remember that less is more, do not trim too much today to lessen your work load tomorrow. You might go through the risk of trimming too much of your beard that way, you can’t rewind that. Trim a little today and make sure that it is trimmed perfectly tomorrow.

Interested in some natural oils you can use to moisturize and grow a healthier beard? Let me know on the comments below.

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