Product Review: Yamasterol

The name always makes me think of a place in Japan. Do not ask me why, it just does. The packaging does not help either. That mountain on the logo and the pink flowers.


Anyways, originally from Brazil, this product works wonders , has many functions and has different formulas but I’ll talk about the yellow, traditional one in specific. I have tried at least two of them and have not been disappointed with them at all.

Let’s look the numerous functions it’s got.


It helps reduce the damage shampoos do to your hair, provides shine and softness as well. Do not leave the product on your hair for too long, it can cause allergies or even weaken your hear fibres. Apply Yamasterol all over your hair 30 minutes to a few hours before you wash your hair.


Instead of using shampoo like you normally would, use the Yamasterol to maintain shine and smoothness.

Hair mask

You could even do all three types of hair treatments using it; hydrate, nourish and reconstruct by using it as a hair mask.

Hydrating mask

Prepare your hydrating mask by adding:

  • 1 tablespoon Maizena (corn starch)
  • 1 glass of milk or water
  • 2 tablespoons of Yamasterol

Mix the cornstarch with milk or water, bring to heat until it gains a ‘porridge’ consistency. Let it cool and then add and mix the Yamasterol. Apply on your previously shampooed hair, always avoid applying on your scalp, leave on for 40 minutes, then rinse and condition.

Nourishing mask

Prepare your nourishing mask by adding:

  • 1 tablespoon coconut milk
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil (coconut, avocado, castor oil, olive oil …)
  • 2 tablespoons of Yamasterol

Mix all ingredients in a plastic bowl. Apply on your previously shampooed hair avoiding your scalp and leave on for 30 minutes. Then rinse and condition.

Reconstructing mask

  • 2 tablespoons of Yamasterol
  • 1/2 package of colorless powdered gelatin

Mix the two ingredients until smooth. Wash the hair, remove excess water and apply the  mixture throughout the hair avoiding the scalp. Leave on for 20 minutes, rinse and condition.


Use it as you would a normal conditioner by adding:

  • 1 drop of your favorite vegetable oil
  • Yamasterol

Put the amount of Yamasterol you will use in your hand and mix with the drop of oil. Apply after washing the hair and let it act for about 3 minutes and rinse. The hair becomes soft and reduced of frizz.

Hair cream/Leave-in

And finally of course, it can be used as your normal hair cream.

  • Can be used on all types of hair
  • It will seal your pores
  • Decrease frizz
  • Can be used for no and low poo, has no paraffins and no mineral oils

As you can see, there are numrous possiblities on how just one hair product can be used. I purchased the 900g bottle because I know that I would make use of every single gram and be satisfied with the result. I have tried it both as a mask and leave-in, my hair was so soft, loose and with just the right amount of volume.

I tried a Coffee mask with the Yamasterol and loved the result.

Before the treatment

Ingredients (the measurments vary according to hair length, this one is for my hair length):

  • 2 spoons of brown sugar
  • 1 spoon of granulated coffee
  • 1 spoon of vegetable oil (olive, coconut, castor, avocado…)
  • 3 spoons of Yamasterol

Apply the mixture after shampooing or co-washing your hair. Leave on for 30 minutes, rinse, condition and style as per usual.

After the treatment


Yamasterol can be pricy, but it’s so worth it. Have you tried it?

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