Shampoos I Recommend

We all know by now that I prefer co-washing my hair to actually applying shampoo. Most shampoos leave my hair extremely dry, unmanageable, hard as brick, no shine whatsoever and frizzy.

If I washed my hair once a week, this would not be a problem, but since I wash it three times a week after all the treatments I do, it would just damage my hair severely. For those reasons, I decided to use co-wash every time I washed my hair that is until recently.

Lately it felt like my hair needed some lightening up, like there was too much product build up all the time. What better way to wash it all away then with a shampoo? You could say that I tried a few shampoos before I ended up with three favorite ones. Well, I used to wash my hair with one of them until I moved back to Mozambique and I have no problem with, I just ceased using it for some odd reason.

I tried, Marc Anthony, Salon line, Head n’ Shoulders, Cantu, Tresemmé, Johnson’s and a few random ones I would find that I can’t remember the brand name. There were a few that were good enough to keep on using, like Marc Anthony and Head n’ Shoulders, my hair was not left looking like a frizzy hair ball at least. There is one in particular that my hair absolutely hated. It left my hair frizzy even after applying conditioner, oil and hair cream. The frizz would not go away for a week. You might be surprised with the shampoo I am talking about but, check it out below.


Of course all hair textures are different and what works on yours might not work on mine and vice versa, but be careful with this one. My friend gave me the shampoo to try out because she basically had her hair react the same way, extremely dry and frizzy. Maybe you’ve had better results? Please let me know on the comments if you have tried the shampoo.

Now on to the shampoos I would totally recommend.

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (Purple)


I read somewhere a few years back that this shampoo was less aggressive and to be honest, I am not so sure because your hair does tend to get dry. BUT as soon as you apply your mask or conditioner, it feels as if you had not ruined it a few minutes ago by applying shampoo. I would pair this shampoo with Lory’s Kids conditioner and it worked like a charm, no regrets, my hair even looked better than it does now. By the way, I still use this shampoo once in a while.

Cantu Shea Butter Cleansing Cream Shampoo


It actually surprised me how well my hair reacted to the shampoo. Not dry at all, super light, fresh and clean feel after applied. Most if not all Cantu products have this distinct smell that you immediately know, this is Cantu. This shampoo is no different. Don’t get me wrong, in no way am I saying it smells bad, but if you have tried their products and know the smell, then you can already imagine what the shampoo will smell like. It’s like a fruity smell, someone once told me I smelled like grapes after applying a Cantu product. Best part is, it can be used for the low poo process.

Tresemmé Baixo Poo Nutrição Shampoo


Now this one is one of my new favourite babies. If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know that I have been bragging about this product as well as the conditioner lately. If my hair had not approved the product, I would have forced it to. The smell, the smell does it all for me. I’m Mozambican, we love our coconuts, I love anything that has and smells like coconut. This shampoo has a very strong but sweet coconut smell. But besides that ground-braking smell, it cleans your scalp to a certain extent that I almost though it’s got some mint in it. Maybe it does, I haven’t checked, but my scalp felt so fresh, squeaky clean AND smelled wonderful. It was just the right amount of dry and no frizz after. The shampoo can also be used for the low poo process.

Have you tried any of the above shampoos? Let me know if you have and how your hair reacted to them. I am also accepting suggestions for any other shampoos I should try out.

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