Hair Treatments and How Often Should I do Them

It’s great to see that the number of natural haired men and women increases everyday.

But first let’s get one thing straight. Natural hair is not only curly, you did know that didn’t you? Many forget that. The moment you relax it or apply some type of chemical to it, it is not natural anymore.

Hair Texture/Type and Porosity

The different hair texture/types

Natural hair has different textures or types and porosity, which we all should learn to identify. Learning to identify your hair type and porosity helps to choose the right product for your hair. They are quite easy to identify and should not take you more than 5 minutes.

Natural, Homemade and Salon Hair Treatments

There seems to be a small confusion with the what type of hair can use natural, homemade and salon masks. There shouldn’t be, because all hai types can make use of them, straight, wavy, curly, kinky, coily, short, long, with chemicals and even men can wear them. Your relaxed hair (straightened with chemicals) needs these masks more than any other hair because it has been damaged the moment the chemical was applied to it.

Fahari Cosmetics Coco Nutty natural hair mask

Having straight hair does not mean it is healthy. All hair types need pampering, treatments, they need to eat. But pay attention to what you give it. If you are allergic to eggs, most probably a natural/homemade egg mask will not work on your hair, of course you can give it a try, but if your hair looks damaged after the mask application then most probably it was the egg.

By knowing your hair type/texture and porosity, you will easily decide what treatment works best for your hair because tend to be absorbed easily by your pores and others clog it. It will also help you with the application process. For example, high porosity hair has wide open pores, so it is best when after applying the mask and washing your hair, seal it with an oil or gel.

I have been asked, many a times for advice on the right treatments for specific situations. Honestly, the right treatment is a mix of the three hair treatments of your hair schedule; hydrating, nourishing and reconstructing treatments.

By the way, it is a schedule, it is not done once. It is done repeatedly, every month and done every week at least twice. Your hydrating mask is the most important, for it replaces water your hair has lost along the week. Nourishing mask gives back all nutrients and reconstructing mask restuctures your hair fibres from damages caused by heat, excess sun, discoloration and others.

Faira Hair Schedule Sample-01.jpg
Example of what your scheduule should look like.

I have dealt with clients who have asked for miracles, who have asked for masks that applied only once and it should solve their problem. As you can see, it’s not resolved that way. Constant care leads to health and beauty. Do your treatments three times a week and have healthier hair.

What does your hair schedule look like?

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