Fahari Project: #BigHealthyAfro

Most of you know (I think, or I sure hope so) that I have a brand called Fahari Cosmetics.  And I am happy to say that it has been growing steadily with the help of my friends, so a huge thank you to everyone who has been helping.

I have a friend who has believed in my passion for hair long before thought of creating Fahari crossed my mind and she has been helping me since I created the brand. But the best gift she could give me was when she showed me that she trusted and believed in what I could do with her hair.

Meet Madina Esmeralda (MissAbacar)


She is probably the most talkative and most caring friend I have and I love her just the way she is. She came to me with a preposition that I just could not resist. If I take care of her hair, she’ll cut all the relaxed hair off and let it grow natural. I mean, my hands started itching to start the whole journey.

The journey finally started on the 16th of March. I stopped by her house with Honey Bee, honey hair mask and some oils in order for her to start. We were both so excited!

Let’s have a look at her hair before it was washed and treated.


It was dry, it had very little to no shine and the good thing, it was not breaking. It all started with washing her hair and then applying the mask and leaving it on for 30minutes and then removing it with cold water.


After removing the mask and conditioning the hair, she went online and looked for an easy way to texturize kinky hair with gel and some hair cream. This is the result she got.



I could not be happier with our efforts. I loved it! What do you guys think? If you would like to try one of the Fahari masks or purchase some oils send me a DM.

I can only thank you Madina, for being such a great friend and believing in me. For more pleasant moments and great experiences such as this one!

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