5 Things You Should Know Before Going Natural

Natural is beautiful!

Natural hair is not a trend or a fashion statement. Before anything else, that needs to be understood. If you are growing your natural hair because everyone else is doing it, think again. A lot needs to be taken into consideration when thinking of transitioning or chopping your hair to natural.

  • Do it for yourself and not for others, because you are the one who will take care of it and not everyone else
  • Are you going natural to wear wigs or breads all the time? When do you get to enjoy your natural hair or let your scalp breathe?
  • Do not go natural thinking that it requires less work than chemically treated hair
  • Be ready to spend quite a bit to have great looking hair

Other bloggers or hair enthusiasts might have a different opinion, or maybe find other points relevant,  but let’s look into what I find are the 5 most important points you should consider when going natural.

It requires a lot of dedication, time and patience


Just like your health, body and beauty regimen, your hair needs attention too. So a balanced diet is called for, drinking lots of water, hair treatments, heat protection, etc. Test your hair porosity  and find out how you should be treating your hair. What isn’t good for your body or your health most probably will not be good for your hair.

Do your treatments!

Most of my clients ask for masks once and expect that one mask to solve their problems. It’s not the way it works and I cannot emphasize that enough. Constant treatments lead to better results and of course, better looking and healthier hair.

Faira Hair Schedule Sample-01

Your hair should treated at least once a week

Treating it three times a week would have been ideal, but let’s face it, not all of us have time or resources for that. Why not try and do it once a week? Your hair will show you how grateful it is with its appearance and feel. To avoid breakage, split ends, dry and brittle hair treat your hair at least once a week. Do not try and resolve your problems only when they arise, try and avoid them from the start.

Natural hair is not only curly, kinky or textured hair


Natural hair is hair whose texture has not been altered by relaxers, chemical straighteners and texturizers. In other words straight hair that has not been chemically altered, IS natural hair. Therefore it still needs regular treatment. Fortunately, it does not need such intense treatments as textured hair does. Natural hair that has been straightened with a flat iron is still natural because once washed,  it goes back to its normal state. That is unless it gets heat damage.

Natural hair is an adventure


You never know what it will bring you tomorrow, a bad hair day, a good hair day, a protective style. It is safe to say that it has a mind of it’s own, really. You work with it most of the times, it does not work for you not even against you because it never looks that bad. You can always make it work.

How do you feel about going natural?

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