Today we will talk about something different, acceptance. Accepting your natural hair, accepting who you are.

Let’s get one thing straight before I start rambling on. I am not saying that relaxed or chemically treated hair is not who you are, you will understand better as you go along.

I have been in my natural hair journey for 4 years now, since 2014 and I have learnt, felt, witnessed and experienced so much, I still do to this day. It maybe be strange, but thanks to my hair I have met and helped (I hope) so many people, it is so gratifying.

We are in a time where more and more people, expecially people with textured, kinky hair quit chemically treating it and leaving it natural. There are cases where people with straight hair chemically treat it to get curly hair. Most people are calling it a trend, but is it supposed to be a trend though?

I mentioned on my previous post (5 Things You Should Know Before Going Natural), when growing your natural hair, you should have patience. If you are going back to your roots just because everyone else is doing it, you probably will not last longer than a year. I am specifically talking about textured hair, type 2a to 4c.



This journey should be done for yourself. Natural hair is a journey and not a trend. A journey to self discovery, acceptance and empowerment. Your hair does not define you, but it plays a big role into your everyday life and look. It does not matter how classy, chique, simple or fashionable the clothes you wear are, if your hair is not well taken care of, it messes up your appearance. Don’t you agree? Depending on your hair texture, you might go through some cases of racism, prejudice, prejudgement, etc. No one is ever ready for that, but you could go through that. I certainly have gone through all of those.

Journeys are not easy, that is why we learn a lot from them. This one is not much different. It’s not only about the lows, though. The highs are exhilirating. Imagine being able to have it curly, straight, braided, texturized and have different protective styles done all in one week. That is possible with natural hair, waking up everyday to a different look. Not stressing about getting caught up in the rain, bad hair days and styling for the next day. It all sounds and feels so wonderful! Be ready for all the treatments, that products that you will try and might not work out, the shrinking factor. But also be ready for the endless love and pride you will feel for your hair, endless compliments, hands that will try touch it and grab it, as well as endless questions about what you do to get your hair looking great.

Give it a try and find out if you’re up for it, not because everyone looks good in natural hair and you want to look good too. Do it for yourself!

Looking for motivation to go on that nautral hair journey? Then let’s look at a few natural haired Mozambican beauties:

C I N D Y (Blogger & Vlogger)

Cindy has been quite adventurous with her hair, cutting it a few times and even changing its colour. Her hair shrinks very much, it is one of the characteristics of the tights, small curls of type 4c hair.

Check her instagram, blog and youtube for more of her experiences on hair products, masks and styling.

I A R A (Blogger)

Did you know dreads can be natural too? Iara treats her hair and does her dreads all by herself and she loves it. She says she often gets critisized and judged because of her haircut, style and piercing. I have had the pleasue of meeting her and she is the sweetest thing.

Check out her instagram and her blog.



D A V I N (Blogger)

Davin is an instagram blogger that talks and shares the joy of having her hair natural and comes up with different looks and great photos. Davin’s hair type is along the 4c category.

Check her instagram for more inspiring photos.



C A R L A (Vlogger)

Carla’s hair will be what you guys are mostly used to seeing here, since my hair is similar. She has a youtube channel with a friend where they do a lot of fun videos and also talks about her hair. Carla’s hair type is a mix of 3c and a bit of 4a.

Check out her instagram and her youtube channel.




Who says curly hair is the only natural hair? Shazia has such beautiful straight shiny black hair and it suits her so well. Don’t you agree? Curly hair is not the only one that needs care, straight hair also does but not as frequent as our curly, kinky hair. Shazia’s hair type is 1b-c because when longer it starts to creat waves.

Check out her instagram.



A N N E T T Y (Vlogger)

Annetty is lifestyle blogger living in Italy where she has no problem flaunting her natural hair. Her hair type is similar to Cindy’s and Davin’s, it is type 4c hair. Annetty also talks about, fashion choices and etiquette on her channel and instagram.



D E N I S E (Blogger)

Denise recently started her healthy hair journey, in 2017. Can you tell? Look at those gorgeous gold and brown locks. Denise’s hair type is a mixture of 2c and 3a.



F A I R A (then there is me)

You already know my story. I believe that my hair type is quite similar to Carla’s, a mix between type 3b,c and 4a.

Check out my instragram and youtube channel where I have shown some of my tricks.



What is your hair like?

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