Design Essentials: Coconut & Monoi Deep Moisture Milk Soufflé

Guys, first of, let me apologize for my absence last week. It was a very busy one and a difficult one at that. But from now on I tend to have a back up post set up for even when I’m extremelly busy.

Last week I was so excited to introduce you guys to Design Essentials. Better late then never right?

I actually have seen quite a few natural hair beauties on Instagram using this brand. But I never knew where to find it. Living in Mozambique has its pros and cons as you may know. ordering things online goes from cheap to really expensive because of the unfair taxes charged. Luckily I found out that the product can be found at Clicks stores in South Africa, which os right next to us and only 3 hours away. If you are wondering, no, I did not drive all the way there to get this product, I just happened to be there a certain weekend (I’m not that bad of a junkie).

Let’s talk about Design Essentials.

It is an American brand that aims to infuse hair with a natural balance of vitamins and protein that promote movement and manageability. They also offer educational literature and sponsor events aimed at improving knowledge of how their products can assist in designing a healthy hair care system.

Coconut & Monoi Deep Moisture Milk Soufflé


I am not sure what I expected from this product exactly. All I know is, I was completely blown away. This might just be the product of the year for me. It was such a great find. I got in Clicks and went straight for the hair products. There were two different Design Essential lines; the Almond & Avocado and Coconut & Monoi. Of course you already know me and products with coconut as an ingredient. They are always a priority. The next problem was, what product to start with. The whole Coconut & Monoi line was there and let’s be fair, it is not cheap. I couldn’t go crazy here. On the website it costs $14, not too bad I guess. At Clicks around R200 which is a bit more expensive, but makes sense, taxes and transportation should be accounted for. I have no idea what made me go for this one, but I’m happy I did.

My first impression of the product before I applied it on my hair, was the weird texture. It is not like a gel or a cream or a leave-in, it has got a texture of its own which made left me skeptical at first. The smell is awesome though. You’ve got that tropical coconut smell mixed with what I’m guessing is the monoi, which is good for the ones who are not a fan of the coconut’s strong distinct smell, it is not overpowering.

I wanted to notice the real effect it would have on my hair, so I applied a very light Skala leave in first and at the end I applied the milk soufflé. The Skala leave in, being as light as it is, cannot be applied on its own because it will not seal the moisture in your hair and it does not hydrate that much and as soon as I applied the soufflé, I noticed the difference. My hair became really moisturized, hydrated and had a soft, sweet smell to it. Mind you, I usually take care of my hair at night, because that is the only time I have to pay close attention to it. I let it dry and tied it onto my usual pineapple and went to bed.

I wake up the next day for work and undo my pineapple. Immediately I can smell it. The smell is so strong now that its dry. It felt like I applied perfume on my hair. You know that expensive cosmetics sweet smell that you want on you the whole time? That’s exactly it. The softness of my hair was something I had not felt any other product do to ever. For a few minutes all I could do was touch my hair. As soon as I stepped out of my room, my roommate starts sniffing the air. “Something smells nice, like cinnamon or something”, she says. I let her smell my hair because that was the only different thing I did that morning and she says… “Yes! That’s it! Your hair smells so nice”. I run back in my room and show her my new discovery.

Guys, I tried it with products that my hair did not approve of, like the Skala leave in, I tried it with a thicker product such as the Maui Curl Smoothie and it worked just as well. Soft, silky, nice sweet smell and shine to it every single time I use it. Now how do I stop to take a break from it?

Have you tried the soufflé? What did you think of it? Of course not all hair types will have the same results as I did. But for my hair type which is a mix of 3b,c and 4a, it worked wonders.

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