It’s Winter! Protect Your Hair With Cute Styles

You see eveyone catching a cold, sneezing and missing work and you know winter has officially started.

cold flu.jpg

I felt that winter was here the moment my hair started feeling drier than usual and I have been doing my treatments. That was the time I realized I had to take extra care of my hair starting that moment. The cold dry air does not help maintain your curls healthy, bouncy and looking cute. So I have to fight the dryness, frizzyness and sometimes itchy scalp, which is common around this time.

I can do all that by:

  • Deep conditioning twice a week

mixed chicks deep conditioner.jpeg

  • Do treatments with my steam cap

steam cap.jpg


  • Always use my satin pillowcase or bonnet
  • (Try to) Eat healthy and drink a lot of water


Owwkaay, so I’m doing all that but my hair still gets dry in between treatments, so my day afters do not look as good as before. Girl, you need to go for those protective styles.

Let me be honest with you guys, it is so hard for me to actually sit down and do any type of hair style for work or go out because I don’t really have time or the patience. I literally start getting ready to go somewhere an hour or 30 minutes before I have to leave. With the amount of hair I have on my head, that is not enough time, I have to wake up two hours before or start getting ready two hours before.

This has to change though. This winter, come along with me in this protective styling journey for the goodness of our hair. Do not know what styles to do? Let me inspire you a bit then.

For those of us who cannot do cornrows

protective hair styles 1protective hair styles 2

protective hair styles 4

For those of us who can do cornrows, or when someone will do them for us

protective hair styles 3

protective hair styles 7

More Easy ones

protective hair styles 8

protective hair styles 6

protective hair styles 5

protective hair styles 9

protective hair styles 10

My atempt at protective styling


Which one is more your style? Have you made an attempt to any of these styles or maybe another one?

Share your thoughts with me on the comments below.