Need a Trim?

Did you know your hair can tell you that it needs a trim? It does, you might not understand its language though.

So how do I know when its telling me that it needs a trim? Wait, what is a trim anyways?


Make (something) neat or of the required size or form by cutting away irregular or unwanted parts.

There are different ways your hair tells you that it needs a trim, but the most common and most obvious ways are the ones we’ll talk about today.


Do you feel that it has been difficult to comb through or finger comb your hair because there have been constant knots formed at the bottom? Or you might even see that your hair has been forming more knots than usual and these knots are formed from a few strands of hair that knot together to form a big knot. This can cause hair breakage besides the fact that you will have difficulty detangling. This means it is time for e well deserved trim.

Split and Rough Ends

Split ends should be illegal for they leave any hair looking mistreated. Split ends are caused by applying too much heat to your hair, not using sealants when styling, braiding or twisting your hair, not hydrating, using dye and dis-colorants and much more. Not enough hydration or moisture can cause your ends to dry out and split which makes them thinner and slows down the growth process. So go get that trim!

Lost Shape or Definition

You hair is growing as it should but then it gets to a point where the volume is not the same throughout and at other strands you just do not get that definition anymore. It looks weird right? Go for a trim.

Thicker Hair at the Top, Thin at the Bottom

My hair’s current state

This is something that I’m recently going through because I dis-colored my hair to get that nice brown/blonde feel to it. Dis-coloring causes thinning of hair as well as managing your hair with tools that thin or damage your ends. If you style and notice that your hair has more volume at the top and towards the end its more fragile, then… trim your hair please.

Excessive Shedding

This sign can be misunderstood with so many problems from lack of hydration, moisture, proteins, but also it might just be as simple as a need to trim. You notice that your hair is shedding when you style or comb your hair and you find lots of it on the floor or your hand. Of course it sheds everyday, normal shedding is okay. But when it amount of hair shed intensifies, then darling, something is wrong.

Trimming hair is not the same as cutting your hair, mind you. Trimming will remove only the damaged part and not half the length of your hair like you might think. Also you might find weird that in order for your hair to grow healthier, you need to cut it. The irony. But believe me it works wonders and you notice the difference right away.

You can get your hair trimmed at your hair saloon or you can even trim it
yourself to avoid having more than necessary trimmed off.

Who trims your hair?

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