I slightly remember how the day started... I remember being in a rush (that's how I usually am this last few months), it was raining and I had absolutely no clue or idea of what I was wearing, posing or  doing for this shoot. It would be my first indoor (studio) shoot. I looked at … Continue reading FMWS – BARE


My Top 5 Homemade Hair Masks

Beautiful people! Feeling energized for this ongoing week? Yes? Then why not try one of these super approved hair masks that can be done at home after work? If you notice, I have shared all masks with you guys already, you can see by clicking on the names of the masks. You will get redirected … Continue reading My Top 5 Homemade Hair Masks


Some questions I deal with on a daily basis. Is is your hair? Yes, it is my hair. Do you wear extentions? Have never worn a hair extention in my life. What do you use in your hair? A lot of things. To get a list of what I normally use, stay up-to-date with my … Continue reading F.A.Qs