Lineup Empire

I’m sure this post was long overdue. I mean, you guys have seen me walking around wearing and taking photos wearing hoodies, crop tops and sweaters with “Hustle” written on it, videos and photos of magic mugs, t-shirts and lots more. Want to find out where I get all this cool stuff from? Keep reading. The Lineup Empire is made up of different companies that … Continue reading Lineup Empire

New Fashion Trend: #PearlyCheckedEverything

Here I was scrolling through the Internet and like any other woman, online window shopping. Of course I’m going to go on and say I need new clothes, what woman doesn’t. Everytime I think of searching for something to wear in my closet, I get depressed. So I definitely need new clothes. Like ASAP! So here I am Internet window shopping on my favorite stores … Continue reading New Fashion Trend: #PearlyCheckedEverything

Chokers: The (Back in Business) Fashion Statement

Are you an accessories type of person? Then this is the post for you. I'm sure you have seen these bad boys before. They are all over town rockin' chics necks like it's nobody's business. Have you tried them before? Did you know, chokers have been famous since the 90s? Yes, the style back then was quite colourful and simpler, but they were there. As … Continue reading Chokers: The (Back in Business) Fashion Statement

ALKEMI: Mozambican Online Fashion Store

Fashion has always been a big thing, anywhere. I mean, who doesn’t want to look good right? Sure, we do find people who do not give a rat’s ass about being fashionable, being IN or having designer clothes. But even those people got to have clothes right? So I’m pretty sure we answered “Yes” on those questions. Now on to the good stuff. Mozambique does … Continue reading ALKEMI: Mozambican Online Fashion Store

My Top 10 Closet Must Haves

Being a woman and having that very special characteristic of being indecisive, chosing 10 items that you absolutely must have in your closet… Yeah, you got it! It’s HARD. But these items jumped right out at me. Leggings– I CANNOT live without these. They are comfortable, sexy, flexible… EVERYTHING! If I could wear them everywhere, believe me, I would. But I mean a good pair, … Continue reading My Top 10 Closet Must Haves