Conversation with Startup Africa News

This week has been something. Fahari Cosmetics will soon be launching a new product, which is such an accomplishment for my partner and I. Soon you guys will know all about it. But that is a post for another day. The other main point of the week was my interview with Startup Africa. The name already says it all. It is an online news platform … Continue reading Conversation with Startup Africa News

5 Things You Should Know Before Going Natural

Natural is beautiful! Natural hair is not a trend or a fashion statement. Before anything else, that needs to be understood. If you are growing your natural hair because everyone else is doing it, think again. A lot needs to be taken into consideration when thinking of transitioning or chopping your hair to natural. Do it for yourself and not for others, because you are … Continue reading 5 Things You Should Know Before Going Natural

Hair Treatments and How Often Should I do Them

It’s great to see that the number of natural haired men and women increases everyday. But first let’s get one thing straight. Natural hair is not only curly, you did know that didn’t you? Many forget that. The moment you relax it or apply some type of chemical to it, it is not natural anymore. Hair Texture/Type and Porosity Natural hair has different textures or types and … Continue reading Hair Treatments and How Often Should I do Them

Product Review: Yamasterol

The name always makes me think of a place in Japan. Do not ask me why, it just does. The packaging does not help either. That mountain on the logo and the pink flowers. Anyways, originally from Brazil, this product works wonders , has many functions and has different formulas but I’ll talk about the yellow, traditional one in specific. I have tried at least two … Continue reading Product Review: Yamasterol