Hair Treatments and How Often Should I do Them

It’s great to see that the number of natural haired men and women increases everyday. But first let’s get one thing straight. Natural hair is not only curly, you did know that didn’t you? Many forget that. The moment you relax it or apply some type of chemical to it, it is not natural anymore. Hair Texture/Type and Porosity Natural hair has different textures or types and … Continue reading Hair Treatments and How Often Should I do Them

Product Review: Yamasterol

The name always makes me think of a place in Japan. Do not ask me why, it just does. The packaging does not help either. That mountain on the logo and the pink flowers. Anyways, originally from Brazil, this product works wonders , has many functions and has different formulas but I’ll talk about the yellow, traditional one in specific. I have tried at least two … Continue reading Product Review: Yamasterol

How to Make Your Beard Grow Faster

Gents! This one is for you! Or maybe even the girlfriends and the wives, they could be reading too. We have all noticed that beards are what’s popping right now, so I couldn’t just help the women and not share knowledge for the men as well. You guys are important too. Do not worry, I will not recommend any avocado, or coconut milk masks to … Continue reading How to Make Your Beard Grow Faster

Super Nourishing Hair Mask: Egg & Honey

We have hydrated, reconstructed, so now let’s nourish our hair. This is an easy and quick mask that will help with hair growth, moisture, softness, shine and strength. When you feel your hair has been breaking, it’s dry and has no shine, give this mask a try. The ingredients used can be easily found in your house and you will only use small amounts. Do … Continue reading Super Nourishing Hair Mask: Egg & Honey

Repair & Reconstruct Hair Mask with Apple Cider Vinegar

Has your hair been breaking more than usual recently? Have you discolored (dyed) your hair? Is your hair chemically treated and in need of some treatment? Do you want to protect your hair from anything that could constantly damage it? So, I know you answered yes to at least one of these questions and you are wondering what miracle I’m going to come up with … Continue reading Repair & Reconstruct Hair Mask with Apple Cider Vinegar

Macadamia Oil for My Skin? Why not?

Let’s talk about skin for a minute. I mean, I’m pretty sure I am not the only girl or maybe even boy who would love to have that perfaect-snapchat filter-selfie-glowing skin. aIf you have read my previous posts and know about my african black soap routine, then you should already know that my skin is almost getting there (laughs out loud, I want to believe … Continue reading Macadamia Oil for My Skin? Why not?

Lineup Empire

I’m sure this post was long overdue. I mean, you guys have seen me walking around wearing and taking photos wearing hoodies, crop tops and sweaters with “Hustle” written on it, videos and photos of magic mugs, t-shirts and lots more. Want to find out where I get all this cool stuff from? Keep reading. The Lineup Empire is made up of different companies that … Continue reading Lineup Empire