Avocado and Egg Mask: Summer Hair Care

What better way to start the month than with a luxurious, conditioning hair mask? As I had mentioned before on one of my posts about summer hair care, it is something that all Mozambicans have to deal with. We probably have only two months of winter here, the rest is scorching sun or heavy rains. Hair tends to get really dry and flaky during the … Continue reading Avocado and Egg Mask: Summer Hair Care

New Fashion Trend: #PearlyCheckedEverything

Here I was scrolling through the Internet and like any other woman, online window shopping. Of course I’m going to go on and say I need new clothes, what woman doesn’t. Everytime I think of searching for something to wear in my closet, I get depressed. So I definitely need new clothes. Like ASAP! So here I am Internet window shopping on my favorite stores … Continue reading New Fashion Trend: #PearlyCheckedEverything

Homegoing – Yaa Gyasi: Book Review

Here I am updating you on another excellent, beautifully written piece of literature. Not to mention that it makes me so happy that the writer and story is African. Homegoing is written in such a way that it got me engaged from beginning to end. I literally had to fight with hmyself to put it down. I carried it to work and searched for free … Continue reading Homegoing – Yaa Gyasi: Book Review

Product Review: Leave-In Aunt Jackie’s

Sometime ago I spoke about what a leave-in conditioner is and the beauty of using one in your finalizing routine. If you have not read it yet, check it out here. I gave you some examples of leave-ins that I had used before and that I liked. But I have recently stumbled upon a great discovery. Aunt Jackie’s Moisture Intense Leave-In Conditioner I mean, just … Continue reading Product Review: Leave-In Aunt Jackie’s