Hair Treatments and How Often Should I do Them

It’s great to see that the number of natural haired men and women increases everyday. But first let’s get one thing straight. Natural hair is not only curly, you did know that didn’t you? Many forget that. The moment you relax it or apply some type of chemical to it, it is not natural anymore. Hair Texture/Type and Porosity Natural hair has different textures or types and … Continue reading Hair Treatments and How Often Should I do Them

Product Review: Yamasterol

The name always makes me think of a place in Japan. Do not ask me why, it just does. The packaging does not help either. That mountain on the logo and the pink flowers. Anyways, originally from Brazil, this product works wonders , has many functions and has different formulas but I’ll talk about the yellow, traditional one in specific. I have tried at least two … Continue reading Product Review: Yamasterol

Super Nourishing Hair Mask: Egg & Honey

We have hydrated, reconstructed, so now let’s nourish our hair. This is an easy and quick mask that will help with hair growth, moisture, softness, shine and strength. When you feel your hair has been breaking, it’s dry and has no shine, give this mask a try. The ingredients used can be easily found in your house and you will only use small amounts. Do … Continue reading Super Nourishing Hair Mask: Egg & Honey

How To: Grow Hair Faster With Castor Oil

Castor Oil! Have I mentioned before that Castor Oil is a beauty? It is one of my favourite oils, even though it is a bit challenging to apply, it is one that I always have amongst my hair products. Let’s just look at a few of the benefits Castor oil brings to us. increasing circulation preventing the growth of viruses, bacteria, yeasts and moulds fighting … Continue reading How To: Grow Hair Faster With Castor Oil