No Silêncio da Luz – Celso Zaqueu

Maputo is quite a diverse city. Anyone can fit in and find his/her social group. I find that it is the city where you find most open minded people in Mozambique. So when a friend who’s very open minded and artistic decides to organize a photographic exhibit, all you got to do is wait anxiously for the big day. And that is exactly what I … Continue reading No Silêncio da Luz – Celso Zaqueu

Xizoro: African Print /Impressão Africana

On my quest to learn more and see more of what my country Mozambique) has to offer, I stumbled upon Xizoro, a clothing brand that focuses on the traditional fabric, capulana. I met the owner through a very good friend of mine and I just so happened to find out that he does such cool things with the fabric. Xizoro is not the only business … Continue reading Xizoro: African Print /Impressão Africana