Inversion Method| Inversão Capilar

Today I am here to introduce you guys to a trick that can help with so many aspects of your hair such as growth, health and hydration. But mostly growth. Did you know that putting your head upside down and massaging your scalp in circular motion stimulates hair growth? Did you know that vegetable oils can also help with hair growth? Now join the two … Continue reading Inversion Method| Inversão Capilar

No Silêncio da Luz – Celso Zaqueu

Maputo is quite a diverse city. Anyone can fit in and find his/her social group. I find that it is the city where you find most open minded people in Mozambique. So when a friend who’s very open minded and artistic decides to organize a photographic exhibit, all you got to do is wait anxiously for the big day. And that is exactly what I … Continue reading No Silêncio da Luz – Celso Zaqueu

Bloggers’ Brunch II |Brunch dos Blogueiros II

So last week was a bit crazy for me. I wasn’t able to post (sad face). But that gave me enough time to think of fun topics for the upcoming posts. Last Saturday a second brunch was held for the Mozambican bloggers. Unfortunately not everyone made it, but there will be many other opportunities for other bloggers to be involved. Então a semana passada foi … Continue reading Bloggers’ Brunch II |Brunch dos Blogueiros II

Xizoro: African Print /Impressão Africana

On my quest to learn more and see more of what my country Mozambique) has to offer, I stumbled upon Xizoro, a clothing brand that focuses on the traditional fabric, capulana. I met the owner through a very good friend of mine and I just so happened to find out that he does such cool things with the fabric. Xizoro is not the only business … Continue reading Xizoro: African Print /Impressão Africana

Hair Treatments and How Often Should I do Them

It’s great to see that the number of natural haired men and women increases everyday. But first let’s get one thing straight. Natural hair is not only curly, you did know that didn’t you? Many forget that. The moment you relax it or apply some type of chemical to it, it is not natural anymore. Hair Texture/Type and Porosity Natural hair has different textures or types and … Continue reading Hair Treatments and How Often Should I do Them

Product Review: Leave-In Aunt Jackie’s

Sometime ago I spoke about what a leave-in conditioner is and the beauty of using one in your finalizing routine. If you have not read it yet, check it out here. I gave you some examples of leave-ins that I had used before and that I liked. But I have recently stumbled upon a great discovery. Aunt Jackie’s Moisture Intense Leave-In Conditioner I mean, just … Continue reading Product Review: Leave-In Aunt Jackie’s