No Silêncio da Luz – Celso Zaqueu

Maputo is quite a diverse city. Anyone can fit in and find his/her social group. I find that it is the city where you find most open minded people in Mozambique. So when a friend who’s very open minded and artistic decides to organize a photographic exhibit, all you got to do is wait anxiously for the big day. And that is exactly what I … Continue reading No Silêncio da Luz – Celso Zaqueu

Bloggers’ Brunch II |Brunch dos Blogueiros II

So last week was a bit crazy for me. I wasn’t able to post (sad face). But that gave me enough time to think of fun topics for the upcoming posts. Last Saturday a second brunch was held for the Mozambican bloggers. Unfortunately not everyone made it, but there will be many other opportunities for other bloggers to be involved. Então a semana passada foi … Continue reading Bloggers’ Brunch II |Brunch dos Blogueiros II

New Fashion Trend: #PearlyCheckedEverything

Here I was scrolling through the Internet and like any other woman, online window shopping. Of course I’m going to go on and say I need new clothes, what woman doesn’t. Everytime I think of searching for something to wear in my closet, I get depressed. So I definitely need new clothes. Like ASAP! So here I am Internet window shopping on my favorite stores … Continue reading New Fashion Trend: #PearlyCheckedEverything